One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go.  Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss, etc.
Change is never easy, you fight to hold on, and you fight to let go.
Helping hands in the circle of life
A move manager assists those involved in life transitions.  We will assist you with the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing, relocating or simply aging in place. We will help to minimize the stress and chaos associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the transition process. This may include assisting grieving families whose responsibility it is to deal with an estate after the loss of a loved one, the difficult physical transition following a marital breakup, or transitions to a retirement or assisted living community.
Each situation is different and Smooth Transitions is there to haelp as little or as much as you need.  It might be just giving directions for you and your family members to do the work yourselves.  Sometimes selecting a ploace to move, deciding what to take, finding a mover, packing, moving, unpacking and getting rid of the lefovers can seem overwhelming.  Smnooth Transitions can h elp with as little or as much of the move as you and your family needs.
For out-of-town familty members, Smoothe Transitions provides peace of mind that someone is coordinating your family member's affairs with the personal attention you would give.
Estate Dispersal
Smooth Transitions also provides services for th edispersal of household belongings after the eath of a loved one.
A death in the family introduces a whole new set of responsibilities, from removing personal belongings to the complete shutdown of an established home site.  Daily responsibilities or destances can make these tasks seem evern more overwhelming.
Smooth Tranisitions can help make these tasks feasible and timely.  Working under th direction fof family members, attorneys or trust officers, we organize and distribute the estate according to your and your family member's wishes.  From the most simple sorting to arrangements for cleaning and repair work, taking th epressure off already trying times is as easy as a phone call.
In addition, Smooth Transition offers individuals and families pre-planning, providing direction for for future dispersal of personal and household belongings
Smooth Transitions is designed to fill in on the things that seniors and their family members can't or don't want to do.  It can mean a consulting session for those who can do some of the things themselves or doing each step of the move from start to finish.  Each project is different.  Smooth  Transiitions can do as little or as much as required.
Charges are based on hoursly rates plus expenses.  A deposit is required at time of contract.  Please e-mail or call me for more information or an appointment for a free one-hour consultations.
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available.  If you know a loved one who could use somehelp in making a move, help them get started by giving them a a gift certificate for Smooth Transitions services.
After coordinating many moves for family and friends, including seniors, Ruthanne Zanti formally launched Smooth Transitions Boston North Shore.  Her education began at the MFA Boston as an illustrator and costume designer and evolved into a career as a designer, merchandiser, and fashion consultant.  She has been involved with estate liquidations, dispersals and downsizing for numerous years.  
With experience and a caring personality, she provides each client a uniquely personal and professional transitional expreience.